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Alleviate Your Hunger


The daily recommended caloric intake on an hCG diet is just 500 calories. For most this is a drastic reduction and can make you feel like you are starving. Try using an effective appetite suppressant in order to alleviate some of those hunger pains.

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The hCG diet is a diet that is designed to promote very rapid weight loss. According to information found on this diet, it states that weight loss can be as much as 1-2 pounds per day. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a hormone which is found in both men and women but its roll is greater when found in women during pregnancy. It increases the woman’s metabolism to allow her to digest and metabolize all the nutrients that she and her unborn infant need.

This diet combines using hCG with a very low calorie diet to promote rapid weight loss. HCG is given either orally or through injections daily at a dosage of 125iu-200iu. Dr ATW Simeons did a research study which showed that giving daily injections at this strength along with a low calorie diet would result in weight loss of 1-2 pounds per day on average.

These injections should be administered and monitored by a licensed physician or practitioner. Persons on the diet should have ongoing medical supervision when taking any type of supplement of this nature for weight loss.

Information on this diet states that increased weight loss can be seen by those who increase their vegetable intake at every meal while adding salads to their meals as well. Fiber and water intake are very important factors while on this type of diet.

The daily diet that is recommended with this plan is one that is 500 calories per day. They state by cutting down the caloric intake this much, it triggers the hypothalamus into releasing fats from around the tissues back to the blood stream and then they are excreted through the kidneys and the intestines.

According to reports, the dieter may experience hunger at times during the first week. However, after that period of time the hunger should abate and the dieter should be able to eat the required dietary intake and feel OK with it due to the hypothalamus increasing the metabolism of foods and releasing fats continuously.

It is recommended on this diet to do a moderate amount of exercise. The dieter should be prepared to do up to 15 minutes of some type of yoga or cardiovascular type of exercise in order to speed up their metabolism even more than it is with the hCG.

There are supposed to be no real side effects with taking the hCG in the small amounts that it is given on a daily basis. Women who have taken the hormone during infertility treatments have reported headaches and some symptoms of pregnancy but their dosages are much higher than what is given during the diet program. Therefore the dieter should not expect to have any real side effects to worry about due to the injections.

The hCG diet is safe for men as well. This hormone is found in both men and women naturally so the diet program will work for both sexes. Men should not expect any side effects from the hormones either. Men should see a somewhat faster weight loss as they do require more calories per day and tend to metabolize nutrients faster than women do naturally.

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  1. Great article. I am finishing up another round of the HCG diet right now. It is the easiest diet that I have ever done. Most importantly it works and you do not gain the weight back!

  2. I just finished my fifth day. The first two days, I lost 2 pounds each day. Then it stopped. Even at 500 calories a day I still have not lost any more and in fact am almost back to my pre diet weight. However, I am not hungry and feel almost euphoric so something must be working. I don’t see how I can eat only 500 calories and not lose weight!

  3. Hi Wendy, I have been wanting to get on HCG injections for weight loss. I know people on them and they have lost 40,60,80, lbs. What I would like to know is if HCG is safe cause I’ve heard hormones cause cancer. Do you know how safe it is? Can you tell what article Paul is talking about. Thanks

  4. I am curious what the side effects are of those who are in their child birthing years? I want one more baby but I definitely need to lose about 70 lbs before that happens. I really don’t want to ruin my chances of this if this diet is too aggressive. Anyone know???

  5. Hi,

    I am on day 16 of my HCG diet. LOVE IT. I have lost 15 lbs, and 26.5 inches. I follow the diet strictly! It is so easy to do.
    To answer Carolyn’s question. If you are having your period or close to it you may have hit a natural platuea. The apple day after you have finished your cycle should bring you back on track. Speak to your doctor asap for his/her recommendations. You should not platuea more than 4 or 5 days. Read your labels on spices. Make sure there are NO SUGAR added. Stop using body lotion and foundation. Your skin may be absorbing the oils. Finally make sure you are drinking enough water. That means 60 to 100 oz. a day.

    To Wendy, there has been no documentation for cancer caused by HCG. Doctors have been using HCG hormone for years for many different reasons. But having said this, do your research. To Kelly, HCG has no record of causing infertility. Please take the time to speak to your doctor about all your concerns, and good luck.

  6. My mom, brother, cousin, and myself have all done one round of the hcg injections and have all been very successful with losing the weight. All of us have been overweight for years, have tried many different programs but still haven’t been able to get even get the weight off… let alone keep it off. Mom needed to lose 50 and lost 30 on the first round, brother lost 40, cousin lost 45, I lost 25 but I cheated and also had to go off of the diet because we were in the middle of the move. We all were very nervous about going back to regular eating habits (except low carbs and sugars) and were happily surprised to see that keeping the weight off was very simple to do. I haven’t ever seen a diet that works this well for this many people. I thought it would be very hard to eat only 500 calories and I thought I would feel weak and shakey but I felt better than ever before. Tons of energy and didn’t even crave food. I told everyone I had “super human powers” because I hadn’t ever been able to resist all of the yummy and tempting foods out there. I am going to do another round very shortly to get the rest of this weight off. I had just come to accept that I was always going to be “fat” but thanks to this diet, I know that I will be fit and thin in no time. I would recommend it to everyone!!!

  7. I thought the human body needed at least 1200 calories to be healthy. Explain to me how 500 cal a day could possibly be healthy.

  8. I am on day 19 of my hCG diet. I have lost 15 lbs from my starting weight plus the extra 5 lbs I put on during the first 2 days of eating as much high fatty foods I could (which is recommended by Dr. Simeon). I feel great and very content and I have also been sleeping like a rock. I usually suffer from insomnia.

    To Anita, according to Dr. Simeon from his book “Pounds and Inches”, “Under the effect of hCG the obese body is always able to obtain all the calories it needs from the abnormal fat deposits, regardless of whether it uses up 1500 or 4000 per day.”
    I think anyone thinking of doing the hCG diet should read Dr. Simeons book. You can find it online and read it for free.

  9. I am currently on the hCG diet and I was told that since it is used as a fertility drug my husband and I should be extremely careful because if we were to conceive it would be very possible to conceive multiples. I haven’t seen any of the online information mention this, however. Nor did the site I was looking at to compare the price at our pharmacy mention this at all.

    Was anybody else warned about this?

    Do any of you know whether you are using a synthetic?

  10. I’ve lost 57 lbs (going from 227 at 5’8″ to 170 in 6 months) the old fashioned way by working out 45 minutes every morning before breakfast, eating healthy whole grain carbs, veggies, and fruits, low fat proteins, drinking lots of water, and just being patient and consistent. I would absolutely never EVER inject myself with something to lose weight even if I were able to drop 60 pounds overnight. Putting my health at risk to be thin is not my idea of “successful” weight loss.

  11. what was the diet plan that you used elizabeth to lose 57lbs pls help and tell me!!!

  12. Everybody wants to know the “secret” to weight loss. It is very simple, eat less calories than what your body needs to sustain itself and your body will then go to your stored fat for the energy it needs. HCG helps your body burn that fat as energy. How can I (5′-10″ 248lbs 37 Male) survive on 500 calories per day? Simple: WILLPOWER! The first 3 days were hell but then my body adjusted & the HCG kicked in. I have to force myself to eat now (you absolutely must get your fiber & protein). No weakness, no dizziness, no irritability, NO CRAVINGS, minimal hunger (easily assuaged with some Yerba Mate tea). I’m a father of 2, married to a 5′-3″ 108lb wonderful woman who can pretty much eat whatever she wants. She tries to be courteous & not eat what I can’t have in front of me but after the 1st two days I can honestly say I have no desire for sweets, chips, pizza, fast food, etc. It really is an amazing diet…. I never thought I could get such satisfaction out of the fruits & veggies allowed on this program.

  13. I haven’t tried the HCG Diet, but what I am doing right now is just less calorie intake. I just gave birth and gained 10 pounds. I don’t want to try this while nursing. And still have to think about it if I will have myself undergo the method after a few months…Maybe….

  14. In response to Kate – regarding fertility issues – The HCG dose is INCREDIBLY LOW in comparison to the HCG dosing for fertility – it is not to be a concern.

  15. I just started doing the HCG diet on June 21st 2009. I was very skeptical and thought that this was probably another stavation diet, however, seems to me that it is working. I started at 187 lbs and now after 3 days, I am down to 183. My target is 140, I am going to do this for 43 days and I am sticking to the diet plan very strictly.

    Give it a shot. You will be amazed. Every morning I see a huge difference in the mirror. I have been dieting for almost 7 years now, and this has been the best thing that has happened to me.

    It took me roughly 13 months to get to 160lbs from 210 lbs(thru excercise) and now I am back to 187. I think HCG is a great way to lose FAT, not weight.

  16. I just finished a 38 day protocol on hcg and lost 27 lbs and 20 inches over-all. If you follow the protocol as written in ‘Pounds and Inches”, you can loose with minimal, to no hunger. I had absolutely no hunger during this protocol and would recommend it to anyone who has tried other diets without success.

  17. Hi, i am a 45yr old mother of 1, happily married but i am unhappy with my weight. Need to loose 20kg and am frustrated. How do i get the HCG Diet? Please advise urgently.

  18. HELP! I purchased the HCG sublingual over two weeks ago (sitting in fridge) and anxiously awaiting to start but haven’t due to my period was to start within 5/6 days.. it still hasn’t shown (and no, there is no possibility of pregnancy) so now I’m just curious what are (if any) the ramifications of just starting the diet? I am getting more annoyed that it hasn’t shown and normally I wouldn’t care but I want to start this diet! Does anyone* know of anyone who just started it anyways??? please email and let me know, i’d really appreciate it. mz_jenjen@hotmail.com

  19. I went through a dr’s office for the diet and they never mentioned to wait until you start and end your period. I was on it during my period and I just didn’t show a weight loss for a few days, but at the end of my period, the loss of water weight and the actual weight loss showed up on the scale. Just don’t get discouraged while on your period and you don’t see as rapid weight loss…it is happening. I had great results and love my new weight and body shape! Best of luck

  20. I am on day 12 and I have lost only 8 pounds. My weight keeps fluctuating up 2 pounds, then down 2 pounds then up one pound. I cannot see where I am doing anything wrong though. Has anyone experienced this?

  21. Wow, is all I can say. I have just started my second round of the HCG Diet and I am very excited about losing more weight to finally reach my goal of 140. I started the HCG diet in May 2009. I deployed to Iraq and made a decision when I arrived here that I didn’t want to be somewhat over weight anymore. I started the first round at 198 pounds 5’11 tall and I am happy to say that I am now at 160.2 as of this morning. I continued to lose weight on the maintenance phase and feel great. If you are over weight get on this diet and stick with it you will be very happy you did.

  22. hi can somebody please tell me, if i am now on my period should i still inject myself with the hcg shot or should i wait until i am off my period?

  23. I have been using HCG protocol for 7 days now. I cheated soooo badly yesterday. Have I ruined my chances of successful weight loss???

  24. You should still do the injections. I am going through a clinic and I asked the same question. They said to still inject during mensis. :)

  25. I am on my 6th injection and my 4th day of the actual diet. I am already down 10.4 lbs. I am not able to get the full 500 calories after I eat my meals I am usually getting around 460-470 is it going to slow my process down if I do not consume the full 500 calories?

  26. Dr Simeons protocol says it is best to start right after your period has ended. Good luck! My daughter and I have averaged .8 pounds a day and have been on it for 21 days which is 16 some pounds!

  27. Hi everyone. I’m a 16 yr old in high school and i have been overweight as long as i can remember. Is the hCG diet safe for any age? I don’t know if i should resort to something so drastic. I’m 5’11” and 200 lbs. Is that enough to do this diet or should i stick to the old fashioned ways?

  28. I am 125 lbs and want to get to 110. I am on day 6 and only lose about .3 lbs a day at best. anyone have any suggestions? My husgand thinks its because I ate healthy before the diet and my body is not going into shock…am I the only one not losing pounds??

  29. I am trying to find a clinic to attend to start. can someone please explain how they got started (step by step)

  30. I am doing the sublingual HCG and I am on day 11 and I have lost 11 lbs so far. It is a pretty tough diet to stick with though. I’m not really hungry I actually don’t usually even eat the full 500 calories but I have been craving everything!!!! You really have to pack your lunch and try to avoid situations that may cause you to cheat. I have also been extremely tired since starting the diet. I am hoping that will go away soon. Well good luck to everyone!

  31. How long must I wait to start round #2?

    I just finished my first round 3 weeks ago and lost 15 pounds. I know – I cheated… I should of been able to lose more, but I cheated almost every weekend. Don’t do it…. It’s not worth the weight gain that happens followed by the 2 days to get back to where you were!

  32. Anyone have quicker periods on the hcg diet? Should I worry about this?

  33. Those going to the clinic. I think they might be trying to get your money out of you. The Doc who invented this diet says you shouldnt take while on your menstrual cycle because the hormone just completely stops working. He recommends you stay on the 500 cal and stop the shot tils finished. Nothing bad happens if you take the shot while on it but, you will just be wasting the product instead of using for days when you are not on cycle where you could be losing more weight.

  34. Do you need to mix a perservitive with the b12 for sublingual hcg???

  35. Does anyone know if there are any other veggie options, I am allergic to most on the protocol, some clinics allow, green beans, broccoli and cauliflower, I don’t want to compromise weight loss but need more veggie options.Any suggestions?

  36. Has anyone had any adverse complications from taking HCG injections? I read women can get ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome and this can be fatal.

  37. I have struggled with my weight all my life. I have dieted and dieted, ate healthy and stillll could never stay at my goal weight. Yes the HCG diet is tough! You are not hungry but you want to eat stuff not allowed on the diet especially on weekends and holidays but hang in there because it is sooo worth it. What other way can you lose 1 bl a day when you follow a diet strictly? I have never found one.

    By the way, I have been on the protocol 29 days and have lost 25 lbs. I cheated some over labor day weekend and lost several days or I would have lost more. But know what, this month coming I am going to do better and lose even more. Hang in there guys!!

  38. To the 16 year old…. Do not do this diet. You are too young for this. Do it the good ole fashioned hard way, with diet and exercise.

  39. I’m on day 5 of the hcg diet and i cheated big time. what should i do? i couldnt help it i was sooo hungry. should i continue to do my injections?

  40. I have been on the diet for a little over a week and have barely lost 2 lbs. My weight was at a complete standstill for four days straight, and then I decided to do an apple day and lost 2 lbs. But it is now at a standstill again (going on day 4). The clinic I am going to suggested I up the HcG dosage to 300 units instead of 250. I have been following the protocol, but I am not seeing impressive results. Has anyone else experienced this, and does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?

  41. I am just wanting to know if this is for real.. I have an appointment with a clinic on Friday to get started…$900 for 6 weeks everything included??? Does it really work?? I heard there was a girl who died doing a 500 cal diet??

  42. In response to Holly – regarding vegetables
    I am not sure what vegetables are included in your list. We do allow broccoli and cauliflower but not green beans, mushroom and green pepper (bell pepper). Hope this helps!

  43. Has anyone done this being hypothyroid? I am hypo and desperate…I workout and eat right and have gained almost twenty pounds in the last year since I was diagnosed….I admit I am exhausted ALL the time so I know I don’t workout as WELL as I used to…but I do not over eat…I don’t know what else to do..my tsh is within normal limits now but I’m on synthroid and unable to get Armour…I know the synthetic med is NOT as effective…please if anyone has been successful with this and hypo please post….ps…my mom has done this diet and it worked for her…I know 500 calories a day doesn’t sound healthy but it is only for a short time…and the diet is intended for those serious about changing their eating habits forever..not just for a couple of months..of course it won’t work if you go back to eating terribly after it is done…I also know about 10 people who have done it..all nurses..and they all have kept if off

  44. @carol…that sounds like a lot of money…my mom didn’t pay that much…course she didn’t do it through a clinic though either…but still…seems like a lot…

  45. There is nothing easy about this diet. It’s a starvation diet, and nothing more. Eat low carbs and plenty of protein, keep the calories at 500 a day, and you will lose. I am on the diet now and it sucks. I have never felt so bad in all my life. As of today, I quit. I’ll get my stubborn 10lbs off at the gym. I believe a lot of these posts are fabricated. Moreover, these people who lose weight will gain it back.

  46. I lost 34 pounds in 40 days, with one day of big time cheating. The diet really works. It is easy to keep the weight off, if you follow the rules of maintenance.

  47. In response to Angela and your hypothyroidism. This program works very well. There have been articles from people saying it won’t work, you might only lose half the amount of others…I don’t even have a thyroid anymore due to cancer a few years back. I’ve struggled with weight ever since. DO IT! The weight is coming off very quickly. YOU MUST READ “POUNDS AND INCHES” by Dr. Simeons. It’s free online. I downloaded it and keep it at bedside. I read it over and over a little bit each night. WATCH “MAMACLOK” on youtube. She’s the best! Good Luck! I think it’s quite easy. I haven’t found it hard at all. Just remember that everyone is different. It’s hard for some and easy for others. DON’T CHEAT! If you don’t like the diet finish the protocol like Dr. Simeons says to. Go off exactly like he says and you shouldn’t have any problems. If you don’t follow HIS protocol EXACTLY then you will.

  48. Brett, that’s too high of a dose. When you’re taking too much, it can have the opposite effect. If you’re taking subcutaneous, 200 iu is plenty.

    Lots of hypothyroid people have done the protocol successfully. I’m one. I’m on my third round now and this is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. You’re not hungry, great energy and mood. Love it! I’ve lost 40 pounds, net so far.

  49. This is absolutely crazy! Listen to what they are saying!! At 500 calories a day you would lose 1-2 lbs per day without HCG. They tell you to limit omega 3s in which we are all deficient. This is horrible advice.

  50. Hi, I am a vegetarian. I don’t do meat or sea food or eggs, etc. Can someone pl suggest a vegetarian version of the diet plan? I am so eager to get started, need to loose 25pds , and get ready for IVF in Dec! Thank you every one!!

  51. I am on my second round of HCG. Did the 1st round (23 days) back in 4/09, lost 30lbs and kept all the weight off. I am one week on this second round and have already lost 10lbs. I had a friend that did the HCG Protcrol before me and she found Phase 3 to be the most difficult, so I did the South Beach Diet for the 3 wks of Phase 3 and have keep the weight off; through vacations, weddings, summer bbq’s. You name it, the weight did not come back on. I did have to increase my dosage towards the last week. I don’t think that is unusual for obese women with a thyroid problem.
    Good luck out there. It works and that is what matters to me.

  52. No one can comment on this HCG diet until they have tried it themselves. It is truly a miracle, extremely effective and if you take the time to read Simeon’s Protocl (the original) you will fully understand ‘why and how’ it works. It addresses the extra fat we have all built up since we have become such a sedentary culture. THIS WORKS, it will however not take you below a healthy weight – it also resets your attitude towards food and health – it’s a crime it is not being prescribed for all the obese people out there!

  53. To Cate O’Keefe – I have hypothyroid and just ordered the drops throught the online diet plan. I am taking Synthroid and wondered if you are taking thyroid meds too and know that it is safe to do the HCG with Synthroid.
    Thanks in advance

  54. Yes, it works. I’m not paid, nor sell the products. But eventually, if you are prone to messing things up, you will gain it back. Haven’t yet, cheated–yes! But I realized that it is my mind I must work on. The weight is just a manifestation.

  55. Do they have pills to take instead of injections? I’m scared of needles and the thought of having to inject them myself scares me. I really need to lose weight and wanted to give this a try but I don’t know about injecting myself.

  56. Hi everybody! Is HCG mainly for people that need to lose a lot of weight? I only need to lose 12 lbs. But I cannot look at food and not gain weight. I’ve been dieting and my weight does not want to stay down. I lose 5 lbs, gain 5 lbs. This last time, I lost 10lbs and gained 5 lbs. I’m tired of it! So does hcg work for really short term?

  57. My doctor does the hcg injections. Since I only need to lose 12 lbs, would sublingual be better?

  58. Hello I’m 4’11 and weigh 120lbs. I wanna lose 10lbs and I’ve been struggling with my weight. I go up and down all the time. I wanna know if it will work for me if I want to lose 10-15lbs? Also can I eat Jenny Craig and stay on 500 calories bc I don’t cook and Jenny Craig is what has helped me somewhat maintain the weight right now. I’m frustrated because I can’t lose these last 10lbs. Someone please advice me…

  59. Kay, hcg also comes in a liquid form. You take 10 drops under your tounge 3 times a day. That is the process I am using. I woke up this morning on my 8th day and have lost 11 pounds. I started at 162 now 151 and my goal is 139. I should have no problem reaching it within the next couple weeks.

  60. Today, my husband and I began our injections and had our initial weigh and measure! I’m really not sure what to expect but am excited nonetheless. I hope to see good things and if not, I’ll go back to the hard core diets and crazy gyn routines. Regardless, this weight is coming off!!

    I did find that loading up today was difficult. I’m so stuffed!!! I didn’t eat a lot of junk but ate so much more regular food than I imagined possible. My fear is if the shots don’t work, then I have gained more weight to try to get off.

    Also, I’m on the pill but am considering just skipping my menstrual this month so I don’t have to stop the injections. With the pill being what sends me into cycle, my body will continue to process the HCG right??

    Anyways, great job to everyone who has been doing the diet! Does anyone know of any fourms or support groups for HCG dieters?

  61. I am 56 and have gone through menopause, I am on my 15th day. Yesterday and today I have horrible cramps in my lower abdomen and lower back. Just like when I was younger and on my period. Is this normal and how long will it last?

  62. I just finished my injections . I am on my 2nd day LI on a 23 day program. I have lost a total of 14.2 lbs and went from a size 14 to a 10-11. I actually started the injection on the first day of my menstrual cycle, and it was weird at first I bled 2 days off 1 day and then bled for 4 days. Then I was good, I stalled for 2 days right after my cycle and then another time the day before my last injection and the day of my last injection. I had no hunger and all that happened was on day 5 I felt a little foggy but it basically was my body switching to ketosis. My goal weight is 145 and I started at 173 and now at 159.2 I feel good and look great. The first phase was a good preparation for phase 2 I did a Candida cleanse and Liver and Gallbladder detox, so I had no cravings during phase 2, and basically had to force myself to eat.

  63. hey everyone, i have been searching online for HCG drops and found some top sites like uspremiumhcg.com buyhcgdirect.com and hcgdiet.com…. how do i know which to buy it from and that is legit… where do you guys recommend us to buy the hcg from?

  64. Is there a cheaper way to do this diet….$900 for weeks is way out of my budget. I have gained 40 lbs since being in a wheelchair and now that I am starting to walk again it’s very bad on my injury to have all this extra weight. I am on a limited budget since I am no longer able to work…I am interested in the diet just can’t afford $900 a week.

  65. Oops, I meant $900 every six weeks

  66. I just bought my HCG drops for $49.00 including priority shipping from rebekahspureliving.com. I should receive them today. It says they’re coming from Michigan. I worried about finding a site that had the legitimate product. This should be enough for the first round. I recommend reading Pounds and Inches. It explains the diet in detail. If you don’t do it right, including the changes in your make up and soap, you won’t have as good of a success. Having said all of that, I’m really going on the advice of my sister-in-law, mother-in-law and brother-in-law. My brother-in-law lost 50+ pounds. My Mother-in-law went from 150 down to 130lbs. My sister-in-law lost 15 pounds all in one round. I’m hoping my results will be just as good.

  67. Holly: you need to go to you tube and typef mamalocks hcg protocol and colin Watson i have talked personally with colin watson before I started and he was a great help mamalocks also gives info on how to get your supplies and do it yourself. I am so far all i have invested is 30 dollars, because i have a wonderful friend from dominican republic that bought the hcg for me and sent it with a friend for 30 dollars. HCG is not restricted in some other parts of the world like it is here. this clinics are ripping people off and so is trudeau, you dont need to do no clensing just follow original protocol of Dr . simeon on line.I decidd to do this diet and i was totally skeptical. i started dec. 11 last month, and as of today I have lost 21 pounds a pound a day. they say women loose about half a pound a day, i exercise between 30 min to 60 min a day and I think thats the reason why i keep losing a pound/ day good luck. it really works. and for the people that dont believe in it…. try it it works! : )

  68. Helen there is a not common sideeffect for some people specially post menopausal women and it could be dangerous. one of the symptoms is horrible cramps. go to the doctor. this side effect is not common but it could happen. google it. since i started this diet i google everything about it and ususally get my answers. i am a believer i still get emotional because i have been overweight for so long, and i was so skeptical and to weight my self everymorning and see one pound less everyday!!!! thats amazing and if you do your google homework you know for a fact is not muscle you are losing. i have worked out at the gym for a long time and i have lost 30 poubds in 3 and a half months, thats great but i worked my butt off going to gym 2 sometimes 3 times a day. when i got my hcg the first week of dec 09 i said this is it i have to try it. I didnt believe all of this people telling their stories ,i also thought they must work for the companies that sell. but no wI am so greatful to my friend to introduced me to it. i am static to think that30 more days i will be at my normal weight. havent been there for over 9 years!!!!life is good again!!! my kids are amaze ! you see the pounds come off every single day ! i have no words to express my gratitude to dr. simeon for his discovery. and at the same time itmakes me sad that the FDA does not approve this for weight loss cause of their own hidden agendas. HCG has less danger or sideeffects than most over the counter medicines we consumers buy, that sickening!

  69. Hi there, I am on my 5th day of the HCG, I feel that my lower back or kidneys ache today, is that common for this diet??

  70. I wanted to do the hcg diet to loose 15lbs. My father though is MD (specificaly immune system and proteins) so knows much more than most reg docs about this He alos worked at Yale for 10years and siad he would not touch the stuff with a 10ft pole deffinetly will lead to increase cancer rates.

  71. I am on my 4 month of this diet and actually gained inches & weight back. I have spent a lot of $ and still have 15lbs to go.Has anyone else has hit a serious plateau? What next?

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