Lean Cuisine Diet

One of the major drawbacks of deciding to eat healthy is that you have to spend a lot of time measuring food, cooking it, and serving it. Meal planning and shopping can take several hours, and every time you prepare a meal, you end up with dirty dishes and a lot of time spent cooking. For someone with a flexible work schedule and a small family, this may not be much of a deterrent. For someone who works extended hours or has many family members to spend time with, this can make a better eating plan more of a dream than a reality. Luckily for busy people, many companies produce pre-packaged meals that just need to be heated up before they are eaten. One of these companies is Lean Cuisine, which offers many different entrees, snacks, and desserts for anyone who wants to try a Lean Cuisine diet.

Lean Cuisine Meals

The science behind the Lean Cuisine diet is easy. Weight loss must be accomplished by eating foods that are lower in fat, cholesterol, and calories and higher in nutrients. Lean Cuisine offers breakfast entrees, sandwiches, dinner entrees, and desserts that are all created to meet these specifications. When you decide to use the Lean Cuisine diet as a way to lose weight, you’re removing almost all of the work related to determining food portions and how much of each nutrient is contained in each of your meals. The Lean Cuisine nutrition information will give you a calorie count and let you know how much fat, sodium, cholesterol, and protein are in a meal. You’ll also learn what nutrients are in the meal and in what amounts. Cooking directions are included on the package so that it is very easy to determine how long you should heat your entree and let it stand before eating it.

Lean Cuisine Meal Selections

Lean Cuisine offers a few different lines of entrees that are designed to appeal to a large number of people. One Dish Entrees are simply pre-packaged entrees that do not include a vegetable or other accompaniment. Selections from this product line include chicken alfredo, chicken chow mein, and chicken teriyaki stir fry. Cafe Classics are more contemporary dishes such as chicken fried rice, beef portabello, and chicken with almonds. Comfort Classics were designed to remind dieters of mom’s home cooking. Entrees in this line include beef pot roast, baked chicken, and honey mustard chicken. Spa Cuisine Classics such as lemongrass chicken and grilled chicken primavera were designed to provide a combination of taste and good nutrition. The Casual Eating product line contains products such as pizza and flatbread melts. These are for casual meals in front of the TV or sitting outdoors with friends. Dinnertime Selects have larger food portions that you can eat for dinner. Selections in this line include balsamic glazed chicken, chicken florentine, and chicken tuscan.

Benefits of the Lean Cuisine Diet

The Lean Cuisine diet can provide benefits for anyone who chooses to try it, but the benefits are especially important for people with busy schedules who don’t have time to prepare their own meals. Participating in the Lean Cuisine diet means that you don’t have to spend precious time measuring portions or counting calories. Everything comes in individual portions so that you can simply heat up your food and move on with your life. You’re able to see what kind of nutrients you are getting by simply glancing at the product package. You don’t have to spend hours planning meals and shopping for expensive grocery ingredients.

Words of Caution

One thing you need to be aware of on the Lean Cuisine diet is that the pre-packaged entrees, just like most other prepare foods, contain high amounts of sodium. Just one entree can contain as much as one-third of the daily recommended allowance of sodium. If you have high blood pressure or kidney problems, and need to watch your sodium intake for those reasons, you may want to avoid prep-packaged foods and stick with buying your own low-sodium ingredients and preparing your own meals.

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