Chinese herbal weight loss products

Chinese herbal weight loss productsChinese herbal weight loss products

The Chinese people are well known for their slim bodies. They are not fat as a lot of those in Western Civilization are. So what are the Chinese doing to keep themselves slim? First they do eat and eat well. They also spend a lot of time preparing and enjoying their food. They do not believe in eating in front of a TV or in a car. A meal is a reverent thing and should be treated as such.

The Chinese philosophy is everything in moderation. They recommend a 1500 calorie diet that is supplemented by some Chinese Herbal Preparations in order to achieve weight loss and to keep the weight off. Too many times, people try diet after diet. They do lose weight but most will gain that weight back and more. A lot of times especially in quick weight loss or fad diets, weight that is lost is either muscle or water loss. When the weight is gained back, it typically is stored fat weight so yo-yoing is a very bad thing for our health.

The Chinese believe that a regular schedule should be followed as well as far as meals go. They believe that if the body is given nutrition on a regular basis it will be able to function much more efficiently. They also believe that when we eat, we should pay attention to what we are doing, not have our mind on everything else that is going on around us. This helps us to be “present” for what we are eating and allows us to be satisfied with less.

The Chinese also believe that it is healthy to feel hunger. It is not necessary to eat every time we are hungry. They also suggest that if we are constantly thinking about food that we need to psychologically train ourselves to find pleasure in other places They feel we are too obsessed with food and eating in this country.

There are some Chinese herbal preparations that can and will help with weight loss. The first product that is recommended is Forever Health Metabo Chi. The ingredients are 100% natural atractylodes, dong quai, licorice, cistanche, caulis, fennel seed, shen qu, hawthorn, lai fu zi, astragalus, barley, ginger, tang shen, and ginseng powder. The purpose of this preparation is to strengthen the stomach, increase metabolism of food, and provide the body with enzymes to facilitate digestion of food.

Forever Health Thermal Slim Chi whose ingredients are: 100 % natural areca, ginger, tien chi, dong quai, atractylodes, astragalus, hawthorn, codonopsis, barley, psoralea, saussurea, fennel, shen qu, radish seed powder. This herbal formula is designed to be an energy tonic for the stomach and spleen, increase metabolism and burn extra calories, provide enzymes to aid in digestion, help to flatten abdominal muscles, and moves food through the digestive system to be eliminated before the body turns it into fat deposits.

Forever Health Digest Chi whose ingredients are: 100% natural costus, dang shen, Chinese yam, hawthorn, fu ling, lai fu zi, psoralea, ginger, shen qu, donq quai, polygonatum, barley, astragalus, atractylodes, pei dan powder. This preparation is designed to stengthen and increase stomach and digestive energy, moves stagnant food through the digestive system before it is turned into stored fat deposits, as well as treats indigestion, poor energy circulation, gas, and bloating or swelling of the stomach.

Any of the three formulas above when taken regularly with a proper diet and some exercise can assist a person with weight loss. As you see each formula is for certain conditions and it will be up to the individual to decide which will help him or her better. A consultation with a TCM practitioner or acupuncturist that has studied Chinese medicine could also be very beneficial when considering this route for weight loss.

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