Cellasene Reviews

Apparently, Cellasene is the ultimate cellulite fighter on the market.  It uses natural ingredients that they name off that are apparently supposed to help you to fight cellulite from the inside.  It has nothing to do with diet or exercise, just the “magical ingredients in their formula.” They claim that Cellasene will effectively increase metabolism and otherwise give you the benefits of eliminating waste and toxins, which interestingly enough has its benefits, but has nothing to do with cellulite in general.  The only recognized way to rid yourself of or decrease cellulite are through exercise and/or coffee scrubs.

So what are the active ingredients in Cellasene?  They include gingko biloba extract, dried sweet clover extract, grape seed bioflavanoids, dried fucus vesiculosus, evening primrose oil, soy lecithin, and natural fish oil.  First of all, none of these ingredients cleanse the body or even begin to cleanse the body for that matter.  So that throws that assumption out the window.

But then there’s the topic of actual cellulite.  Obviously, there is no such thing as exercise in a bottle. But the other proven method, coffee grounds, also not included, not that it would matter anyway.  Drinking coffee does not actually improve the condition of cellulite.  Unfortunately, that particular ingredient has to be applied on the outside for whatever reason.

But this being said, let’s take a look at the possible benefits of the ingredients.  Evening primrose oil has actually been proven to improve the condition of hair, skin, and nails, which is why it has been commonly used in women’s beauty supplements.  Likewise, fish oil actually has good fatty acids, which have been said to improve the clarity and moisture of the skin in general.  Fucux vesiculosus is actually another name for seaweed, which could actually burn fat in general if used in the right amount.  They don’t use the right amounts of anything.

All in all, the simple fact of the matter is that you cannot actually address cellulite from the inside as they claim.  There are some ingredients in this mix such as soy and evening primrose oil that are good for beauty pills or the female body.  But that doesn’t really matter considering they don’t actually address cellulite, which is the whole point.  And they don’t actually have the right amounts to promote the benefits they could promote in the first place.  So all in all, they have defeated the whole point of creating this particular supplement.

We would definitely recommend using natural treatments if you are trying to get rid of cellulite.  Unfortunately, the only way to combat it is through the two afore mentioned methods, and frankly speaking, even that doesn’t guarantee that you will see greater results in general.  So if you are trying to fight fat, find a pill that will actually do it and diet and exercise.  If you are trying to get rid of cellulite, the best thing you can do for yourself is do more cardio and exercise more.

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