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Akavar is a popular diet pill sold through most major third party retailers and otherwise.  They claim to provide the European secret to weight loss and essentially speaking say that they have brought you the most amazing revolution to hit the market yet.  In all honesty, even the fattest European countries have lower rates of obesity than the United States.  But it’s not because of any miracle ingredient.  It’s because many tend to splurge less, eat smaller portions, sometimes eat healthier foods, exercise more on a daily basis just walking between things like work and home, etc.

Essentially, Akavar is meant to help you to suppress your appetite.  They claim it will restrict your daily calories, and you don’t have to count calories or feel hungry while using it or while dieting for that matter.  So what are the ingredients?  What makes this little pill capable of suppressing appetite better than other diet pills we’ve seen before and better than everything else that has been offered on the American market?

Apparently they use a blend of xanthine, green tea, kola nut, ginger, yerba mate, guarana, kola nut, Tibetan ginseng, and cocoa nut.

None of these ingredients suppress appetite.  Like many other diet pills, scams really, they use blend of ingredients without actually disclosing the amounts used.  They use small proprietary blends instead.  With this in mind, green tea and caffeine could burn fat were you to use at least 400mg each.  But they don’t.  Yerba mate and guarana could slow the rate of gastric emptying keeping you full for longer if it also had damiana.  But of course they don’t have that.  Cocoa nut acts mostly as an antioxidant.  So it’s not really a weight loss supplement at all.  But you get the basic point.

None of these ingredients are appetite suppressants, only some of them are weight loss ingredients of any kind, and none of them have the right amounts to show actual and lasting results.  Obviously, you can see that this formula will not promote weight loss of any sort, and you would be much better off using something else.  It’s not that side effects are likely.  They are possible with all of the types of caffeine.  But they’re not particularly serious.  But when there’s realistically speaking no trade off between side effects and benefits, there’s really no reason to even consider putting up with them.

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  1. I don’t know about the pill or the other ingredients in it, but to my knowledge, drinking yerba mate can aid in weight loss because it is a natural energy energy booster and I ubderstand can suppress appetite.

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